The Green Gold Stoeries project aims to change the way society thinks about cannabis.

By revealing the stories of people who make a difference by growing, using or manufacturing cannabis.

To show the plant can make a significant difference in the transition towards a sustainable world.

the trailer oF steef fleur her first journey to humboldt county, the start of the project

the trailer oF steef fleur her first journey to humboldt county, the start of the project

Green Gold sheds new light on cannabis by portraying people in the cannabis industry from all over the world who see and use the plant in a different way than most of us are used to. These are people who recognize cannabis for what it actually is: one of the eldest domesticated plants, not just as a drug, and who are exploring the possibilities of using cannabis in all sorts of ways.

Their stories show that Cannabis can be used recreationally but also medicinally or as natural resource for example biodegradable fabrics, plastics, and paper or isolation material. Cannabis could make a significant difference in the transition to a more sustainable world, if only the plant wasn’t illegal in so many countries and if we were able to see beyond its - mostly negative - image. Using cannabis as a drug, is just one of its many possibilities.  

There are some countries and states that have started to legalize and regulate cannabis, but a large part of the world still perceives it as just a drug and this way of thinking and the illegality of it blocks scientific research and further exploration of its many possibilities.

Green Gold wants to raise awareness around cannabis, by using the most powerful tools available to us: the Internet, personal stories, freedom of speech and beautiful photography. Green Gold Stories breaks taboos, shatters stigmas and shows the benefits of one of the world’s most useful plants.

 “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” Albert Einstein

A  P R O J E C T  B Y

Steef Fleur (Photographer) has background in urban development. 

In her photography she is attracted to contradicting subjects in our society. After working heard enough photographing events, reportages and sports, she preferably takes off to dive into subjects that caught her attention along the way. Cannabis became one of them in 2014 when she traveled to Humboldt County and has kept her non-smokers curiosity ever since.

I N  C O L A B O R A T I O N   W I T H

Martin van de Velde (journalist) is a journalist with a special interest in counter cultures. He has been reporting on the dutch dance scene from 2001 onwards working for some of the biggest newspapers and music platforms in the Netherlands.  

As soon as Nina Schouten (journalist) could write, she wrote stories. She launched her career as an editor and later expanded into freelance journalism. She specialises in children's literature, reading in education and writing for young adults. She also writes fiction and has a special interest in the often extraordinary stories told by 'ordinary' people.

S U P P O R T  T H E  P R O J E C T

If you want to support the continuation of the project you can buy a print or book or make a donation in the store. All profit and donations go towards the project, to visit new countries and collect new stories that need to be told, so we can make our world a more sustainable one!

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