We are in the fight to have the right to choose the remedy that nature offers us

In an middles class neighbourhood of São Paulo a young girl blows soap bubbles. She smiles to us and is really into what she is doing. This girl doing that is nothing short of a miracle. Clarian, how the girl is called, is born with Dravet syndrome a kind of epilepsy that causes such many and heavy seizures. Till she was about ten years old she slept with her mother who needed to check if she was still breathing. And now the girl is playing, socialising and sleeps on her own.  The secret is cannabis oil. It is illegal to have it in Brazil but since it works her mother won’t ever change to another medicine again.

The search for this medicine started online. Maria de Carvalho as she is called found out that other patients benefited from cannabis oil and she decided to give it a shot. In a statement she wrote about her daughter she declared to be especially surprised that her daughter started to sweat again. After years of no transpiration the oil containing THC caused sweating. This gave Clarian back the opportunity to control her body temperature. Her high temperature has always been a major cause for her attacks.

In Brazil it is illegal to grow your own marihuana. This forces Maria to rely on a foreign product. A product of which she doesn’t how it is made. In her eyes legislation that makes no distinction between recreational and medicinal use is backward compared to other parts of the world. Then she tells us with determination in her eyes ‘We are in the fight to have the right to choose the remedy that nature offers us.’