Dutch marihuana laws encourage criminals and violence











During the seventies he fell in love with a small farmhouse in Appelscha. A tiny village in the North of the Netherlands. Far away from the hustle and bustle from cannabis capitol Amsterdam he grew weed. Till in 2008 the police stopped by and destroyed his entire crop. In later years other burst followed and Doede de Jong (66) had to appear in court. After a lingering lawsuit judges decided in his favour. He has been found guilty for growing marihuana but will not be sentenced.

We meet a tall man in a small house. Visitors are greeted by a group of friendly barking dogs. Friends walk in and out the house that he shares with his wife Kicky. The ruling of the judges might have a big impact on how future Dutch courts will judge people who grow marihuana not because they need the money but because of their principles. His 45 minute during closing argument.

Doede takes the time to show his now defunct greenhouse. Defunct in the sense that it is still up and running but it now hosts a variety of vegetables. With this image in mind it is not hard to understand why the judge didn’t sentence him. Here stands a man that loves to grow plants not matter what they can be used for. All he hopes for now is that other judges also see his side of the argument and rollback the two hundred and thirty thousand fine he received for not paying taxes over his 2010 and 2011 crop.