Cannabis keeps us young

Oakland, laying quite across San Fransisco like New Jersey laying opposite New York. All American suburbs with green lawns and homes with patios. It is from one of these homes that one of America’s most well known cannabis activists runs his company. Ed Rosenthal and his wife are the people behind the website that bears Ed’s name. While they sell their books on cannabis cultivation together it is Ed who travels the world and acts as the public figure representing the company.

Becoming the ‘Guru of Ganja’, as Rosenthal calls himself on his website, was no easy road. For years he struggled in the juridical no man’s land between state laws and federal laws. While being the city advisor of Oakland on policy concerning medical marihuana the feds charged him of crimes doing exactly what he was hired for by city hall. It was this fact that made the jury rule in favour of him.

The former editor of High Times is well known for his books on the cultivation of marijuana. Nowadays he spends a lot of time on cultivating orchids which is a more difficult plant to grow successfully. His knowledge built up over the years has led to leading the research team of THC Pharmaceuticals’. A company that’s putting the farm into pharmaceuticals by producing new hemp based medicine.